Safety on the Spectrum™

Water & Wandering Program

The Autism Society’s Safety on the Spectrum™: Water and Wandering Program is a national effort to increase water safety education and training across the Autism community. The program works to not only prevent wandering-related tragedies, but to increase water safety skills among Autistic individuals and their families.

The Autism Society of America seeks to develop an adaptive aquatics curriculum that supports instructors and the Autism community nationwide. The initiative focuses on proactive programming, prevention, and improved responses to wandering incidents.



  • Communities will have more options for swim lessons for those with Autism. Additionally, they will have the training necessary to effectively teach learn-to-swim skills to individuals with Autism.
  • Affiliates will be able to connect families to appropriate and adequate swim lessons within their communities.
  • Families will receive swim lessons that are differentiated and curated specifically for their child’s needs.
  • Individuals will learn how to be safe in the aquatic environment. They will be connected to swim lessons that are specifically designed and tailored to their needs.
  • Instructors will be able to teach individuals with Autism how to swim with the support necessary to be successful.


Kevin & Avonte

The Autism Society is leading a national effort to prevent water and wandering-related deaths through proactive programming, public awareness, and public policy. The Autism Society will collaborate with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and The Arc’s National Center on Criminal Justice and Disability® (NCCJD®) to provide training and technical assistance to organizations and agencies within law enforcement, public safety, and the disability community. The Autism Society will expand its Safety on the Spectrum™ programming and lead a national public education and awareness campaign. We will identify and develop best practice guidance to support first responders, policymakers, and community leaders that improve public safety for those in the Autism, Developmental Disability, and Alzheimer’s communities.