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Ways To Give

Ways To Give

Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States, with 1 in 36 children diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder. The Autism Society works every day to measurably improve the quality of life for individuals and families affected by Autism. By donating today, you can enact change and help us in our mission to create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully.

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Donate Online

Your tax-deductible gift to the Autism Society will help support Autism education, awareness, advocacy, research, and most importantly, enable us to assist families living with Autism. Our online donation form is fast, easy, and secure. Click here to donate online now!

Donate by Mail

Your tax-deductible gift to the Autism Society will help support Autism education, awareness, advocacy, research, and most importantly, enable us to assist families living with Autism. Our online donation form is fast, easy, and secure. Click here to donate online now!

Donate By PayPal

Your tax-deductible gift to the Autism Society will help support Autism education, awareness, advocacy, research, and most importantly, enable us to assist families living with Autism. Our online donation form is fast, easy, and secure. Click here to donate online now!

  • PayPal:
    Click here to view our charity page on PayPal and send in a contribution through your account.

Donate by ACH

Your tax-deductible gift to the Autism Society will help support Autism education, awareness, advocacy, research, and most importantly, enable us to assist families living with Autism. Our online donation form is fast, easy, and secure. Click here to donate online now!

  • ACH:
    John Marshall Bank
    Routing Number: 056009356
    Accounting Number: 10000678
    Name of Beneficiary: Autism Society of America, Inc.
    Reference: Contribution

Please contact us for international instructions: You can contact Julie Drinkard, Director of Development, with questions by email (jdrinkard@autism-society.org) or phone (301-657-0881 ext 9024).

The Autism Society is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Our federal tax ID number is 52-1020149. The Autism Society does not solicit funds through telemarketing. This ensures the majority of the donation is used directly to improve the lives of individuals affected by Autism.

Peer to Peer Fundraising


Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to rally your community or social network to raise money for the Autism Society. You can create a personalized fundraising page specifically for the Autism Society through either Facebook or Give Lively and invite your family, friends, neighbors, and other interested parties to contribute to your overall donation goal. Each of these options will offer prompts to get you set up in just a few minutes!

All donations given through these avenues are tax-deductible for both you and anyone else who contributes. The Autism Society will receive the funds automatically when the fundraiser concludes.

If you would like to set up a fundraiser for the Autism Society, and need some extra help, we have a toolkit to get you started. Just click here to request one now! This is an incredibly impactful way to support the Autism community.

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Planned Giving

To help you start your planned gift, you can use our online will-writing tool created by our partner, FreeWill. With FreeWill, you can write your will in 20 minutes online, completely for free, and begin your lasting legacy with the Autism Society.

If you would prefer to finalize your will with an attorney, FreeWill can be used to create a set of documented wishes that can be shared with a lawyer before completing your plans.

Use FreeWill today.

If you choose to create a will with your own legal team, consider providing this sample bequest language to your attorney:

You can contact us with questions by email (development@autism-society.org) or
phone (301-657-0881 ext. 9024).


Become a Member or Renew Your Membership online today or download our membership form and mail it

When you become a member of the Autism Society, you join a national movement committed to ensuring all individuals have the support they need to live fully.

Your membership dues help the Autism Society:

  • Connect people to valuable information and resources through Autism Source™ and our National Helpline.
  • Educate and inform through the longest-running national conference on Autism spectrum disorders;
  • Inform by producing a comprehensive journal on Autism spectrum disorders;
  • Advocate for your rights in Washington, D.C. and in communities nationwide;
  • Support individuals with Autism and their families through a nationwide affiliate network.

Annual Membership Levels

  • Household: $40
  • International: $50
  • Champion: $75
  • Professional: $150
  • Lifetime: $1,500

Autism Society members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to a community that provides connection and essential information to families living with Autism.
  • Valuable resource information and advocacy for Autism-related issues.
  • Access to exclusive giveaways and promotions…and more!

Become a Sponsor

The Autism Society has many sponsorship opportunities throughout the year for you, your company, or your foundation to get involved. We offer a variety of mutually beneficial packages based on the event. Here are just a few examples where we can partner together:

  • Autism Acceptance Month (April)
  • Affiliate Conference
  • National Conference
  • Regional and National Golf Outings
  • Autism Gala with the Embassy of the State of Qatar
  • Giving Tuesday (1st Tuesday after Thanksgiving)

You can contact us with questions by email (development@autism-society.org) or
phone (301-657-0881 ext. 9024).

Host an Event or Fundraiser

You can host an in-person event to raise funds for the Autism Society and encourage your community to get together for a great cause. Previous examples include 5k runs, walk-a-thons, bike races, bake sales, and more. You can reach out to development@autism-society.org if you have questions or if you want assistance brainstorming any ideas.

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Business Partners

We invite you to join our growing business supporters list!

If you own your own business or work for a company who has an interest in supporting the Autism Society, you can direct a portion of sales revenue to be donated to the organization. We work with many businesses who find that marketing their relationship with the Autism Society helps increase their overall sales while also benefiting the Autism community at large.

Please contact development@autism-society.org to discuss your ideas so we can work with you and provide any trademark materials you might need.

Trademark Materials

If you’d like to utilize our logo or other trademarked materials, please contact development@autism-society.org to receive the appropriate form to fill out.

Workplace Giving

Find out if your company participates in a workplace giving campaign — an annual employer-sponsored program that allows employees to make charitable contributions through payroll deduction and other payment methods. This will allow you to set an automated amount to donate (tax-free) to the Autism Society of America each time you receive a paycheck. Your company may also offer the opportunity to match up to 100% of your contributions so you can double your impact.

We are a proud participant in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC #11808), and many people designate the Autism Society through their company’s United Way campaign and Independent Charities of America. Ask your employer how you can sign up to contribute to the Autism Society today!

Autism Society of America: CFC #11808
Autism Society of America Foundation: CFC #11836


There are many ways to volunteer in the Autism community. The Autism Society encourages its members and supporters to keep active in ongoing advocacy issues regarding Autism, stay updated on the latest in Autism-related news and issues, and attend Autism events and conferences in your area. The benefits of being involved in the Autism community are many—not the least of which is educating yourself about the resources available to help yourself or your friends and loved ones who are affected by Autism.

  • Reach Out to Your Local Affiliate
    The Autism Society has a network of 71 affiliates in 33 states working at the local grassroots level. They’re intimately involved in what’s going on in your city, county, and state! Our affiliate network provides a number of ways in which individuals and families can get involved, obtain support, and share their experiences with others in their communities. You can find an affiliate near you and a local event or meeting to get involved with.
  • Sign Up for Action Alerts
    The Autism Society is active in the public policy arena and encourages our members to get involved and take action on important issues through Action Alerts on our website and in our online newsletter. Register to receive Action Alerts, which will inform you of important national legislation, public policies, and societal issues facing the Autism community that the Autism Society is working to raise awareness for in the halls of Congress. With these alerts, you will also have a chance to get involved by contacting your congressperson to make your voice heard.
  • Attend an Event
    The Autism Society sponsors the largest gathering of people with Autism, families, and professionals at its annual National Conference on Autism spectrum disorders. The National Conference is a two-day conference with presentations and breakout discussions from self-advocates and professionals covering a wide range of topics related to Autism. There you can hear the latest news and developments in the Autism community, meet other individuals and families affected by Autism, and participate in the discussion by sharing your experiences.
    The National Conference also includes a “Day on the Hill”, where the Autism Society’s staff and board members, along with conference attendees, meet with members of Congress in Washington, D.C. to discuss policy and advocate for the rights of the Autism community. During these days on the hill, community members from states represented by the members of Congress have the opportunity to describe their experiences with Autism to congressional staffers and make them aware of the necessity of these policies. Together we can positively affect change by making our voices heard and rallying for support around services needed for the Autism community.
    Due to COVID-19, details for the next National Conference are still to be determined. Check back here soon for updates!

Alternate Ways to Support

If you’re looking for an alternate way to support the Autism Society, you can also consider the following options:

Are you paying premiums for a life insurance policy you no longer need? Consider donating it to the Autism Society. Utilizing a well-established concept known as life settlements, donated life insurance policies may be sold for the policy’s true market value. Those proceeds, in turn, can be reallocated to the initiatives and goals that our organization wishes to accomplish on behalf of those we serve.
If you are interested in this program or wish to obtain more information, please send an email to development@autism-society.org or call and leave a message for John Dabrowski at 301-657-0881 ext. 9021. You can also contact Marc Ruskin directly at 877-877-1577 ext. 2239 or at mruskin@keystonefbr.com.

Automobile donations are an incredibly fast and easy way to help the Autism Society. Your car donations help support our vital work and are an easy way for you to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. To make a donation or for more information, click here.

If you wish to donate stock, please contact your broker to process a transfer of securities. Please inform us of your transaction via email at development@autism-society.org or at 1-800-328-8476 so that we can assist with the process, track your donation, and provide the required tax acknowledgement.

Your broker will require the following Account Information:

Institution: Charles Schwab
DTC #: 0164
DTC Code: 40 (free delivery)
Account Number: 1193-3956
Account Name: Autism Society of America Foundation

A DAF is a centralized vehicle for charitable giving that makes it easy for donors to dedicate funds to support their favorite nonprofit organization. It also provides an operationally convenient and tax-efficient method for donors to manage their charitable giving. Click here to donate through DAF Direct.

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