Road to Acceptance

Our stories connect us.

Community Connections

Our stories connect us – to our loved ones, strangers, and the world around us. Explore these moments of acceptance, diverse challenges, and how the Autism community creates connections everyday.

Road to Acceptance Project

The Road to Acceptance project is part of the Autism Society’s greater efforts for Autism Acceptance Month, and is made possible by Goodnites®, the #1 nighttime underwear*. Our project aims to shed light on the diverse experiences and perspectives within the Autism community, fostering greater awareness, understanding, and inclusion. By asking questions about health, safety, employment, and other key topics, we can amplify the voices of individuals with Autism and their families, to create a more inclusive society.

The Autism Society will hit the road with our branded Chrysler Pacifica vehicles, outfitted with a mobile video studio, to capture community stories. The car cabin will be designed to create a sensory-friendly, comforting space for our community to share their experiences.

*Youth Pant Category Share Data

date city location link
March 25, 2024 Boston City Hall Plaza Open Event
March 27, 2024 NYC Times Square Open Event
March 28, 2024 Austin Texas Open Event
TBD Austin Texas Coming Soon
April 10, 2024 DC Virginia Register

Acceptance Month

This April, the Autism Society of America is proud to continue its sixth annual #CelebrateDifferences campaign in honor of Autism Acceptance Month. Everyday, we work to create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community to live fully. We believe that acceptance is creating a world where everyone in the Autism community is connected to the support they need, when they need it. And by everyone, we mean every unique individual: the implacable, inimitable, and irreplaceable you.

Your gift makes a difference.

With support for the Road to Acceptance Initiative, we can shed light on the diverse experiences and perspectives within the Autism community, fostering greater awareness, understanding, and inclusion.

Whether you donate $5 or $500, every amount helps. If you can’t donate at this time, we ask that you click the share button to spread the word.


Goodnites®, the #1 nighttime underwear*, is committed to supporting the Autism community by combating the bedwetting stigma and giving parents and children the comfort that they are not alone. Through an ongoing partnership with the Autism Society of America, the two organizations will support the community through educational resources, national and local community events, and advocacy. Goodnites has gone above and beyond to support our efforts in 2024, with a donation of $200,000 that supports our programming and helps promote the voices of our community as we explore what acceptance means to you!

*Youth Pant Category Share Data

In 2023, the Autism Society of America and Chrysler announced a long-term partnership that supports the driving needs of individuals with Autism and their loved ones. The partnership includes advising product development considerations for the Autism community, inclusion training to build better experiences at Chrysler dealerships, and the creation of the calm cabin package to provide accommodation support for Chrysler vehicles.
This year, the Autism Society will be utilizing its loaned Chrysler Pacifica vehicles for our Road to Acceptance project, as we collect diverse lived experiences from our community to advocate for a more inclusive world.

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