The project seeks to capture and raise awareness of the diverse experiences from the Autism community.

Rockville, MD, March 25, 2024 – This April, the Autism Society of America, America’s largest and oldest grassroots Autism organization, launches the ‘Road to Acceptance’ project. Part of the larger Autism Acceptance Month campaign, the project seeks to showcase the unique experiences within the Autism community, driving inclusion and equity in employment, health, and safety for the Autism community.

“Autism Acceptance Month provides the opportunity to demonstrate the diversity of experiences and support needs across the Autism community. The Road to Acceptance activation is designed to highlight Autistic individuals’ stories across the country, offering connection to the greater community,” says Kristyn Roth, Chief Marketing Officer for the Autism Society of America.

The Road to Acceptance campaign features road stops in cities across the U.S. including Boston (3/25), New York City (3/27), Austin (3/29 & 3/30), and Washington D.C. (4/10), in branded Chrysler Pacifica vehicles to create and capture community stories.

Presenting sponsor, Goodnites, the #1 bedwetting underwear, is committed to empowering the Autism community and is helping the Autism Society lead the effort to highlight the community’s diverse experiences.

Chrysler brand, which in spring 2023 announced a long-term partnership initiative with the Autism Society of America to support the driving needs of individuals with autism and their loved ones, has designed a thoughtful Calm Cabin package to provide a comforting and sensory-friendly space for people in the Autism community. Features of the package include sound and light therapy modes, a Bluetooth meditative light, and guided breathing coach among more. Information about the Calm Cabin package is available through Chrysler’s online merchandise retail store,

Additionally, the Chrysler Pacifica minivans will be stocked with additional sensory supports from the Autism Society and partners, creating an inclusive experience to capture stories from Autistic individuals, caregivers, family members and friends. Autism Society of America spokespeople will be on hand to engage with the community and share its advocacy and programmatic work. Road to Acceptance sponsors include lead presenting sponsor, Goodnites, as well as Chrysler, Outdoor, Pura Vida, GoMacro, and Skull Candy. Media partners include iHeartMedia and Clear Channel.

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About the Autism Society of America 

The Autism Society of America is dedicated to creating connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully.  As the nation’s oldest leading grassroots Autism organization, the Autism Society and its approximately 70 affiliates serve over half a million people each year. By championing initiatives that advance equitable opportunities in healthcare, education, employment, safety, and public policy, the organization executes a national reach, with meaningful local impact. Through education, advocacy, support and community programming, the Autism Society works towards a world in which everyone is connected to the support they need, when they need it. 

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