This month we celebrate Black History Month, and address inequities and health disparities within the BIPOC Autism community surrounding screening, diagnosis, and care. Additionally, our monthly resources provide information about Autism and racial facts, relationship building, and COVID-19 vaccine resources. Our Public Policy resources focus on the recent Lancet Report which offers relevant data and provides recommendations for the future of Autism care and clinical research.

Relationship Building & Socialization:

Inequities in screening, diagnosis & care:

Autism and Race:

Vaccine Education Initiative Resources:

Public Policy Resources:

  • A new international report published in The Lancet calls for a new, comprehensive model of autism care and treatment that prioritizes personalized “stepped” care approaches. The report identifies urgent steps to be taken over the next five years to address the current needs of people with autism and families worldwide and to build a foundation for improved support and services. See the full 60 plus-page Lancet report (it is free, but registration is required).
  • See the Autism Society’s statement on The Lancet report.

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