Autism Society Employs Autism Community for Vaccine Kits 

March 4, 2024,  Rockville, MD – The Autism Society of America is excited to announce multiple collaborations with Ventures ATL, the SASD ASPIRE program in Wisconsin, and Autism Products to stand together in our shared missions of furthering equity for members of the Autism community. The Autism Society secured a mission-critical grant from the Aging and Disability Vaccination Collaborative (ADVC) to expand its Vaccine Education Initiative (VEI) an initiative that addresses systemic barriers, while promoting vaccine education, confidence, and access, tour program needs have grown. By employing individuals with Autism and supporting local organizations with shared missions, we are expanding the impact of our program. 

 The Autism Society of America’s President & CEO Chris Banks states, “The Autism Society of America is very excited to expand our Vaccine Education Initiative (VEI) nationwide, and we are even more excited to collaborate with such great entities. It is one thing to launch an initiative that increases access to vaccines and vaccine-related information in a way that is equitable and informed – but it is another thing to build out such a program while empowering members of the Autism community and supporting the businesses and organizations that serve the Autism community daily.” 

 Ventures ATL was founded by Chet Hurwitz with a mission to create meaningful and sustainable career paths for Autistic adults and others with developmental disabilities. Ventures ATL employs Autistic adults to hone their skills in data management skills and product fulfillment.  As Chet Hurwitz, Ventures ATL Founder noted, “Since I have observed how our son’s sensory issues made it more challenging for him to receive important medical care, it is an honor for Ventures ATL to play a role in the Vaccine Education Initiative.” Justin Bentley, a Ventures ATL employee, stated, “I have loved getting to help the Autism Society of America pack the Accessible Vaccine Kits. I enjoy knowing that my hard work is helping others who may need extra comfort when receiving their vaccines.” Similarly, the SASD ASPIRE program promotes the self-determination of members of the Autism community. Autism Products is a family business that creates and sells high-quality, specialized Autism sensory products. 

 The Autism Society will be working with Ventures ATL, the SASD ASPIRE program and Autism Products to further our Vaccine Education Initiative (VEI) by assembling and shipping 20,000 vaccine kits. With this effort, the Autism Society is committed to providing the resources and connections that improve outcomes for patients, providers, caregivers, and their communities.  

 The Autism Society’s Accessible Vaccine Kits support sensory, communication, and social differences. These kits help provide a more positive vaccination experience for all ages. Kits include a variety of calming and sensory tools and typically include*: 

  • Noise-Reducing Headphones 
  • ShotBlocker®, a non-invasive tool that lessens the pain and anxiety of needles 
  • Sensory Tools: Stress ball, Fidget Spinner 
  • Sunglasses ‒ to help manage light sensitivity  
  • Stickers 

* Items included in the Accessible Vaccine Kits are subject to change due to inventory, availability, and community needs. 


The Autism Society’s mission is to create connections, empowering everyone in the Autism community with the resources needed to live fully. As the nation’s oldest leading grassroots Autism organization, the Autism Society and its approximately 70+ local affiliates serve over half a million members of the Autism community each year. It envisions a world where everyone in the Autism community is connected to the support they need, when they need it – including education, advocacy efforts, and supports and services throughout the lifespan. During Autism Acceptance Month, the Autism Society has a goal to fundraise $350,000 to expand acceptance in practice for the Autism community. For more information, go to, Facebook, Instagram or X.