The Autism Society works hard to affect change in our community now while working toward long term inclusion and equality efforts. In addition to condemning police violence, racial injustice, and standing in solidarity with peaceful protestors, we have created two unique Social Stories designed to better explain current events: “What are Protests?” and “What is Racism?”

These simply designed, straightforward social stories are designed to help individuals on the spectrum understand the basic principles of racism and the right to protest. Using plain language and visual cues, these resources can assist with the explanation of civil unrest and racial injustice. Please click the images or links below to view and download these materials.

Learn more about the Autism Society’s guiding principles regarding Human Rights here. If you or a loved one needs support during this distressing time, please contact the Autism Society’s National Helpline for information, referrals, and resources at 1-800-3-AUTISM, or email at