This February, the Autism Society network is thrilled to focuses on love and relationships within and surrounding the autism community, as well as bonds that we form between one another. Family bonds, community support, and romantic relationships are strengthened through social skills, open communication, opportunity, and aligned with personal goals–which is why we are dedicated to creating opportunities for relationships development across the lifespan.

The Autism Society hosts nearly 300 social events for over 3700 teens each year, in conjunction with an additional 320 family trips and outings serving 36,000 individuals. Family members dedicated to growing relationships also attended our specialized groups, including 2,800 mothers, 815 fathers, and 1344 siblings. The continuation of events like these, in addition to events designed for autistic adults attending support groups to help them to socialize, learn, and lean on one another, is why we have compiled a digital toolkit of resources, information, referrals and supports to help autistic individuals and their families navigate love, relationships and community supports this February.

Social Relationship Resources:

Family – Parent & Sibling Relationship Resources:

Romantic Relationship Resources:

Affiliates in Action:

We encourage you to contact the Autism Society affiliate in your area, as our affiliates are often the most knowledgeable about local services. To find an affiliate in your area, click here.

The Autism Society’s National Contact Center staff are here to get you to the resources you need and to make this time a smooth, happy transition to a great school year ahead! Our Information & Referral Specialists are available Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (Eastern Time) at 800-3-AUTISM (800-328-8476) or

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