Our Team

Lindsay LaBalle West

Information and Referral Specialist

Lindsay LaBalle West joined the Autism Society of America as Information and Referral Specialist in 2023. Lindsay is passionately dedicated to fostering safe and equitable spaces that recreate the world as one that can hold all of us as we are. An out-and-proud Creole and queer person with a disability, Lindsay holds Bachelor of History and Master of Political Science degrees with Honors from the University of Colorado Denver and was formerly the Accommodation Coordinator and Assistive Technology Specialist for CU Denver’s Disability Resources and Services office. In addition, Lindsay is a published author and avid scholar, specializing in queer political theory, critical race theory, and gender studies, and is a recipient of the LGBT Colorado History Project Scholarship and co-recipient of the Rosa Parks Diversity Award. Outside their professional and academic pursuits, Lindsay is honored to call New Orleans home and is a devoted supporter of Culture Aid NOLA and the Roots of Music. In their spare time, Lindsay enjoys baking and painting, spending time with their pets, and adventuring with their partner.