Our Team

Kristie Brown Lofland

Board President, Autism Society Indiana

Kristie Brown Lofland is an Autism/ Educational Consultant currently in private practice.  Ms. Brown Lofland has previously worked in clinical, public school and university settings. Ms. Brown Lofland has an extensive background in Speech Pathology and Audiology and in the education and communication of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has made many presentations nationally and internationally in the area of communication and autism. Lofland holds a bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology from Indiana State University (1972), a master’s degree in Audiology from Indiana State University (1979) and a Director of Special Education certificate from Indiana University (2003). She has held various offices and served on various committees with the Indiana Speech, Language and Hearing Association. She was the recipient of Honors of the Indiana Speech, Language and Hearing Association for outstanding contributions in the field (2007). Ms. Lofland also received the “Best in School Advocacy” Award from the Autism Society of Indiana (2007).  She currently serves on the Panel of Professional Advisors for the Autism Society of American and is the president of the Executive Board for the Autism Society of Indiana.