Our Team

Elizabeth Bonker

Member of Council of Autistic Advisor

Elizabeth Bonker is the Executive Director of Communication 4 ALL, a nonprofit with the mission to gain communication for more than 30 million nonspeakers with autism worldwide. Elizabeth learned to type to communicate when she was 5 years old and entered mainstream public school. Elizabeth’s decade of advocacy work includes a book, I Am in Here, and a music album. She has given dozens of published interviews and keynote addresses including at the Stanford Medical School Neurodiversity Summit, the Neurodiversity in Business in London, and the India Inclusion Summit in Bangalore. Elizabeth’s story has been featured in three documentary films: SPELLERS, Understanding Autism, and In Our Own Hands.

Elizabeth is a 2022 graduate from Rollins College’s Honors Program and her valedictorian commencement address went viral with 4 billion media impressions propelling her mission onto a global stage.

Elizabeth is a member of Autism Society’s Justice Center Task Force and Public Policy Committee. In 2024, Elizabeth was elected to the Board of Autism Society of Florida.