Our Team

Dr. Douglene Jackson

Dr. Douglene Jackson is an occupational therapist (OT) with over 20+ years of experience in the rehabilitation field, primarily with individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities across the lifespan in schools, hospitals, clinics, and community-based settings. She holds a PhD in Special Education in Early Childhood, a Master’s in Occupational Therapy degree, a Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services with a concentration in counseling, a Diploma in Massage Therapy, and various professional certifications, including assistive technology, telehealth, and sensory integration. Dr. Jackson owns and operates GIFTS Institute, LLC and provides consultation, professional development, individual and group therapy, and advocacy. She has worked in academia and is an experienced researcher, having written grants and awarded funding, with her research interests including autism, health and educational disparities, early childhood, telehealth, and assistive technology. Dr. Jackson has served in leadership roles with the American Occupational Therapy Association, American Occupational Therapy Foundation, Florida Occupational Therapy Association, South Florida Black Occupational Therapy Caucus, and other professional boards. She is a member of the Autism Society’s Panel of Professional Advisors and has researched diagnostic disparities in Autism.