Our Team

Barry G. Grossman, Ph.D.

Barry G. Grossman, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and author. He is co-owner of the Ziggurat Group, which specializes in transdisciplinary assessment and comprehensive intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.  He has an emphasis on working with females with ASD.  Dr. Grossman presents internationally and has provided state-wide training and consultation to improve autism assessment and intervention in public schools. He has authored books, textbook chapters, and journal articles.  Dr. Grossman, along with his co-author, Dr. Aspy, wrote The Ziggurat Model—a book on designing interventions for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. The Ziggurat Model, which earned the Literary Achievement Award from the Autism Society, is being used successfully throughout the United States and internationally in countries including Japan, Greece, Canada, and Mexico.  Dr. Grossman serves on the Autism Society of America’s Panel of Professional Advisors.  He also serves on the advisory board of Shrub Oak International School.