Our Team

Amanda Wroten

Director of Safety on the Spectrum

Amanda Wroten is the Director of Safety on the Spectrum at the Autism Society of America.  Amanda is passionate about creating inclusive conversations that bridge the gap between first responders and the communities they serve.  Amanda has spent her entire career in the nonprofit world, focusing on crisis communications as well as serving as the executive director of various nonprofit organizations.  As an adjunct professor, Amanda researches and lectures on the intersection of communication and disability in film and pop culture.  Additionally, Amanda has served as a consultant with police foundations around the country, working to create more inclusive communities and secure private funding for community policing initiatives.  Amanda neurodiverse (AuDHD) and navigates the world with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder with an increased prevalence in the Autism community.  Amanda lives in coastal Virginia with her husband and three dogs where she helps her eldest pup live “the life” as a beach bum.