October 12, 2023, Washington, DC – As two organizations both dedicated to building a more inclusive workforce, Mentra and the Autism Society of America are working together to connect and advocate. This collaboration encourages other companies and the Autistic community to redefine how they interact with the employment journey.

Mentra: Pioneering Inclusion in Employment

Mentra is more than a talent platform; it’s an exciting new journey for many in the Autistic community. Navigating the job market can come with anxiety, but Mentra simplifies this process. By using advanced technology and a deep understanding of the needs of neurodivergent individuals, Mentra connects candidates with employers who genuinely value their unique skills and perspectives.

This approach is not the traditional job search model. Instead of job-seekers tirelessly searching for openings, Mentra places them directly in front of potential employers. This not only reduces the stress associated

with job searching but also ensures a better fit for both the candidate and the employer.

The Autism Society: A Legacy of Advocacy

The Autism Society stands as a pillar of support, resources, and advocacy for the Autism community. With its vast network of affiliates, the organization has been instrumental in pioneering change and promoting Autism acceptance. The creation of the Employment Initiative and its collaboration with Mentra is a testament to their commitment to eradicating employment barriers for those with Autism.

The Road Ahead: A Future Full of Promise

The synergy between Mentra and the Autism Society promises a brighter, more inclusive future for the neurodivergent and Autistic community. This collaboration is not just about creating job opportunities; it’s about nurturing an environment where neurodiverse talents are recognized, valued, and celebrated.

Together, we aspire to:

  1. Connect the Autism community to the employment resources they need
  2. Empower self-advocacy through skill identification, accommodations, and job-matching
  3. Support job-seekers and employers to improve outcomes for all

The potential for growth, for the Autistic community, is amazing. Together, we are embarking on a journey that will pave the way for a more connected world, because the connection is you!